CRF Crack Fill: Economical Repair of Cracks & Potholes

Safe – Cold Application    No Mixing    No Special Equipment    Minimal Traffic Disruption

CRF DIY Crack Filler provides asphalt rejuvenation as well as sealing the pavement surface. Unlike asphalt emulsion that hardens and becomes brittle, CRF is designed as a corrective asphalt maintenance product that effectively repairs cracks as a “cold pour crack filler” in concentrate form.

Fill cracks easily at nearly any temperature with CRF Crack Filler. Early crack repair will extend the life of pavements by reducing further deterioration. CRF Crack Filler bonds with the existing pavement creating a permanent repair that prevents water intrusion. An economical and easy-to-apply cold pour crack filler that stretches your maintenance dollars.

Cracks in asphalt pavements are easy to seal with CRF Crack Filler. CRF Crack Filler will not become brittle or crack, remaining resilient and effectively providing a lasting seal even through the freeze/thaw cycles in colder climates. CRF Crack Filler is a cold pour application, there is no need for jacket-heated applicators or costly equipment…just pour in place, sand and you’re done.