In-Depth Rejuvenating Seal

Keeps Good Roads Good     Extends Pavement Life    With the passage of time, asphalt becomes dry, brittle, loses its sand matrix resulting in raveling, cracking and spalling, which leads to base failures and total pavement failure. Reclamite ® delays the aging process and reverses any premature aging that is caused by the heat of hot mix production and environmental damage from the suns UV rays and water intrusion.

Reclamite ® Rejuvenating Agent reconstitutes asphalt binder, providing a one-step, in-place method for restoring and preserving plasticity and ductility in asphalt.

Reclamite ® will seal the asphalt in-depth and add from 5-7 years to its life. Subsequent applications will preserve and protect the surface of a good pavement from cracking and raveling indefinitely.

Paser 6+