CRF Restorative Seal

Delays Overlays    No Manhole Adjustments    Preserves Curbs    One Step Fills & Seals    Improves Overlays CRF restorative seal restores pavements that are deteriorating but are still structurally sound such as pavements with alligator cracking, voids, and/or the loss of fine aggregate. CRF restorative seal fills in cracks and voids and restores surface flexibility and resiliency.

CRF restorative seal is specifically designed for pavements that have deteriorated past the point at which a straight maltene rejuvenator would be beneficial. These types of pavements have become brittle and are exhibiting major loss of fine aggregate, raveling, and/or alligator cracking. Pavements that have too many cracks for crack filling and yet are candidates for conventional chip seal, slurry seal or overlay should be considered for CRF treatment.

CRF restorative seal can be used as a preparation treatment prior to an overlay to reduce reflective cracking. CRF restorative seal provides rejuvenation to the existing asphalt as it holds the sand application in place, enabling it to fill large pavement voids and cracks. Once in place, the CRF remains flexible and resilient in all climates. The sand/emulsion combination is kneaded and worked in by vehicular traffic and with time and temperature it provides a permanent seal.

CRF restorative seal is the economical solution to restore deteriorated pavements.

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